Curriculum Vitae

Last updated: January 2024

Research Interests

Category Theory | Type Theory | Constructive Logic & Mathematics | Categorical Logic & Topos Theory | Homotopy Type Theory | Applied Category Theory | Programming Language Theory | Automated Reasoning & Formal Verification


“Parametricity via Cohesion,” accepted to MFPS 2024, proceedings to appear in ENTICS, preprint available on arXiv:

“Foundations of Substructural Dependent Type Theory,” preprint available on arXiv:

Education & work experience

PhD Pure & Applied Logic, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University (2023-present)

BA Computer Science & Philosophy, Merton College, University of Oxford (2018-2023)

Primary & secondary education, freelance work: I was homeschooled part-time from the age of 6, and then full-time from the age of 10, due to me being far enough ahead of my grade level in school that skipping grades was infeasible. At 14, I had completed the equivalent of a high-school education, and chose to pursue a career in music as a freelance composer. At the age of 20, however, spurred by newfound interests in programming, logic, and the foundations of mathematics and computer science, I became determined to study these subjects at a research level. Applying to universities posed a challenge given my background, as I lacked a high-school diploma and most other qualifications expected for an undergraduate application, but by 2018 I had successfully applied and been admitted to the University of Oxford, where I studied for five years, and was subsequently admitted to my current position as a PhD student at CMU.

Research Experience & Grants

Undergraduate research project: Church Encodings in Higher-Dimensional Type Theory – Toward a Theory of Abstraction (2020)

Skills & Interests

Programming/IT: I am proficient at programming in Agda, Haskell, OCaml, Common Lisp, Scala, and C, as well as typesetting technical documents in LaTeX, including complicated diagrams arising in category theory, automata theory, etc. I designed my website from scratch.

Music: music composition and theory remain passions from my pre-university years, and I am keenly interested in applications of computer science and mathematics to problems of analysis and expression in music and the arts more generally; a sampling of my musical work can be found on my website at: